This website was created to document the extensive history of Whiting High School Football.  The information contained in this website has been obtained through the athletic records of WHS as well as the WHS newspaper, "The Tattler".  Other sources were used throughout the creation of this website and will be cited where appropriate. While every effort has been made to ensure the 100% accuracy of the information on this website, mistakes do happen.  If you find an error, omission, or inaccuracy, please feel free to reach out to Brett Jennings to kindly report the error.  Please understand that he may ask for evidence to support your information; this is only to ensure all information on this website has been verified.  

If you have artifacts or other information you feel would benefit this site or the program itself, feel free to contact Brett Jennings.  He will catalog the information and return it to you ASAP.  

Thank you for visiting Whiting Football.  

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