Barbosa Selected as IFCA All Star

March 5, 2019 -Nino's list of accomplishments continues to grow though the season concluded nearly 4 months ago. Monday he learned that he will represent Whiting as an IFCA All Star. This is one of the highest honors the Indiana Football Coaches Association can award a senior athlete. Barbosa will compete against several other student athletes from all around the state of Indiana.

To date, Whiting has nine IFCA all stars including Nino - the most recent was Martin Petruf in 2016. Here is the complete list:

- 1969 Tim Klosek (S-WR)

- 1994 Mike Barsich (RB)

- 1997 Joe Holtrop (LB)

- 1999 Paul Strabavy (LB)

- 2006 Matt Kobli (QB)

- 2007 Mike Halajscik (CB)

- 2011 Juwan Simmons (CB)

- 2016 Martin Petruf (TE)

- 2019 Nino Barbosa (DB)

Nino will spend the week in Indianapolis practicing with the Northern squad as well as carrying out community service and team-building activities.

The North-South Game is Friday, July 12 at North Central HS in Indianapolis. Kickoff is set for 7PM EST.

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